How much is my property worth?


Why choose a Charters FREE Sales Valuation?

Our bespoke sales valuation service gives you the most up to date and accurate property market advice and valuation from one of our experienced Managers, in your own home.


Why choose a Charters FREE Rental Valuation?

If you are thinking about renting out your home, and would like to find out more about its rental value and how we can help from one of our lettings specialists.


Why choose a Charters Instant Online Valuation?

Complete a short form to find out instantly what your home could be worth.


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      Do you offer an instant online valuation?

      Yes. Our instant online valuation tool is simple to use and gives an approximate value of your home.

      Do you offer a free house valuation?

      Yes. All of our house valuation options are free of charge.

      Should you get a property valuation before buying?

      This is entirely up to you. There’s no harm is getting a valuation if you want to check the asking price. However, keep in mind that your mortgage lender will carry out a valuation as well.

      How is property valuation done?

      We take a lot of things into consideration when calculating a property’s value, including:
      • Location
      • Recent sale prices for similar properties nearby
      • Previous sale prices of the property
      • The size of the plot
      • Zoning
      • Potential for future development
      • The size of the building(s)
      • Age and condition
      • The number of rooms
      • The type of rooms
      • Fixtures and fittings
      • Access and parking
      • Outbuildings
      • Issues such as damp
      A professional valuer will take their time looking, measuring, researching and calculating to assess the value of a property.

      How do I prepare my property for valuation?

      Although the valuer won’t be taking marketing photos at the initial appointment, it’s a good idea to make your property feel appealing. A few simple steps will also make the process of valuing as quick and efficient as possible.
      • You don’t need to go to huge efforts but decluttering and tidying up will make your home feel inviting and spacious, and make it easier to take measurements.
      • Ensure you have completed and compiled any relevant paperwork ahead of the valuation so that it is ready to hand over.
      • Finally, note down any questions you’d like to ask so that you don’t forget them when the time comes.

      What to do if the valuation is more than the offer?

      Valuations give buyers an idea of what the property is worth and your estate agent will have taken time to calculate an accurate figure. However, what buyers offer is ultimately up to them. If a potential buyer offers a figure less than the valuation you have three choices:
      1. Accept the lower offer
      2. Make a counter-offer that you’re happy with
      3. Reject the offer

      What to do if the valuation is less than the offer?

      Your estate agent will have carefully calculated an accurate valuation of your property. If a buyer offers more than the valuation, just like with any offer, you have three choices:
      1. Accept the higher offer
      2. Make a counter-offer
      3. Reject the offer

      Who usually sets the market value?

      Ultimately, you can ask for whatever price you like for your property. Professional valuations are extremely useful to give an accurate market value. If your asking price is deemed above the realistic market value by the buyer’s mortgage lender, they may have issues securing a mortgage. This can mean you don’t get offers and/or sales fall through. For this reason, it’s sensible to seek professional advice when setting market value and in the vast majority of cases clients happily agree with their estate agent’s valuation.

      What is the difference between property face value and market value?

      The face value of a property is what it’s worth irrespective of the current housing market. Market value takes into account other factors including supply and demand. Market value gives a more accurate idea of the kind of offers you should be hoping for from buyers.

      Property Valuation

      What’s your property worth?

      Charters offers a personal home valuation, where one of our experienced Valuation Managers will visit your property and provide an accurate home market value. There is no better way to accurately gauge the value of your home.

      We also offer an instant online valuation tool – another way to understand what your property may be worth. Although this is not 100% accurate, a home valuation is a useful starting point if you consider selling or letting your property.

      Whichever option you take, we are best placed to sell or let your home for you.

      Your personal home



      Why Choose a Charters personal valuation?

      Charters Estate Agents’ bespoke valuation service gives you the most up-to-date and accurate property advice and valuation in Hampshire and Essex including Alton, Alresford, Winchester, Romsey, Southampton, Park Gate, Bishops Waltham, Farnham, Chandlers Ford, Locks Heath, Whiteley and more.

      Instant online



      Why Choose an instant online valuation?

      Charters offers a comprehensive personal service, backed by a positive ambition to be the benchmark, thus creating a new house-selling experience. We are the most well-informed when it comes to market intelligence and the most influential when it comes to all property matters. You are in safe hands.